Iuz the Evil

Welcome to Dockside

So after a gruff dwarf made the party members face a cloned doppelganger of ourselves at our various enlistment centres, we walked through a portal to claim our just rewards. (Who cares about other people when you have such juicy loot?!)

Afterwards, we were transported to the civilized area of Dockside, one of the many front lines in the battle of the Allied Forces against Iuz. We now have our overarching aim: clear out the entire town of Iuz’s forces, district by district – starting with the slums.

Who’s we? A rather motley crew at this point: an anal-retentive human Paladin who’s a veteran of the wars against Iuz and a follower of the rather tragic demigod Aorun [SHAUN: is that right?]. A rather perceptive dwarven Cleric when not otherwise inebriated in devotion to his god, though he’s still a bleeding heart. An elven Druid I haven’t made up my mind on about yet. A half-orc Fighter who despite his obvious deficiencies, does not seem to afflicted by the same inflexible moral disease as the rest – he may be….useful. And of course, the only sane person in this asylum; yours truly – a human Rogue of many talents. The gods must truly be out to torment me; perhaps staying on Draconis Island might have been less insufferable.

Sasha, the first person we met upon reaching Dockside, is an interesting character. The rest (excepting the dwarf, who is obviously smitten) believe her a few nails short of a toolbox, but she definitely knows much more than she is letting on. Uttering a few choice words about her superior Selene (both at the brothel and outside it apparently), she packed us off to clear out a hovel – if you could call it that – infested by rabid halflings.

After a few attempts at subterfuge and scouting, the Druid, without consulting anyone else in the party, promptly shapeshifted into a rat and was almost stomped to death by one of the halflings. Rather infuriating, though she redeemed herself later by killing six of the wretches in a single well-placed spell. We managed to subdue the rest after their apparent leader threw down his arms to surrender. The Paladin proceeded to cast a spell that compelled the leader halfling to tell the truth for a minute, though it was of little use on the slimy bugger. We only learned there was a whore inside, who promptly stepped out when a blade was pressed to her client’s throat. Predictably, the Cleric and Paladin were advocating actually letting them go, the Druid was of two minds, while I was mildly surprised to find the half-orc agreeing with me that they needed to be dispatched quickly.



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