Iuz the Evil

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Campaign Background

Most gods administer their people from the heavens. This allows the gods to maintain the perfect balance of wielding earthly power through their churches while maintaining their divine substance in a healthy balance. It took the occasional miracle to sustain their flock & in return, the prayers & adoration they received added to their own divine substance. This in turn translated to increased power. It was a happy relationship between the gods & their people.

Iuz on the hand had chosen to expend his divine substance by taking on a material form on Oerth & ruling over Flaness – a once-minor (now major) nation on Oerth.

Based on celestial wisdom, a god who took the semblance of material form on Oerth would have an increased amount of power on Oerth. But as this material form & Oerthly power was fueled by the god’s own divine substance, continued existence on Oerth resulted in an overall loss of divinity.

The gods therefore smiled indulgently at Iuz’s antics of consuming nation after nation on Oerth assuming that it would only be a matter of time before Iuz’s divine substance would be so diminished that Iuz either had to return or face the prospect of becoming mortal. When or if Iuz returned…then – there would be a reckoning. Perhaps a god would challenge Iuz & subsume what was left of his substance & his portfolio. It was this divine substance that fueled everything. Secure in their collective wisdom, the gods waited.

But their collective wisdom was in error…

As Iuz rampaged on Oerth, the gods watched with increasing alarm as nation after nation fell to iuz. And the expected dissolution of Iuz’s substance failed to materialise. As Iuz prospered, the adoration of their people’s began to diminish. And soon it became apparent that the gods would lose that steady flow from the people that fed them.

3 demigods were sent to assess the situation. The 3 sons of the wind god, Aorun, took material form & went to investigate. Iuz was on the watch for such am incursion. He quickly rose to challenge the sons of Aorun & quickly despatched them. Their divine substance was greedily absorbed – to the consternation of the gods. They had thought that the time Iuz had spent on Oerth would depleted him severely then.

Aorun himself rushed to take flesh & found to his horror that the option of a god taking material form on Oerth was denied him. Only their demigod children were able to take material form on Oerth.

Enraged by being denied entry, the gods sent a contingent of demigods to capture Iuz. They were convinced that Iuz would be swiftly captured and were also convinced that Iuz was the reason why they themselves were unable to materialize on Oerth.

Once again they were proven wrong. The demigod army was slain by Iuz, he absorbed their substance and the gods themselves felt the abrupt waning of the stream of adoration from their people. Iuz’s triumph over their children diminished the respect the people had for the gods.

The goddess Mystra convened a council of the gods and it was decided that an army of minor gods would challenge Iuz by taking the battle to him directly. Surely, Iuz’s effect on gods taking material form would be broken by the divinity of so many minor gods.

And yet again – the army of minor gods were unable to take material form.

Helm, second after the OverGod Ao attempted to materialise but he too was denied access. This sent an absolute shockwave through the godly cohort. Iuz was never able to approach the power of Helm, even at his greatest point…

The gods threw caution to the winds & rushed en masse to materialize & overwhelm Iuz. But to no avail… Except to a greater loss of faith…

The gods’ efforts were played out before the people of Oerth & Iuz crowed with delight. He displayed the shameful failure of the gods to their people. And there, Iuz made his first mistake…

He forgot about love.

The people had begun to lose faith in the effectiveness of their gods. But they did love their gods. Iuz’s victory & arrogance stiffened the people’s spines. They banded together – nations overlooked boundaries & borders and worked together to fight the armies of iuz.

And the gods felt a shift… The trickle of power from the people swelled once again. But the gods knew that if left untended, if they failed to support their people from the celestial realm, their people would abandon them.

Iuz was a cancer that was growing. They could not directly carve the cancer out of oerth. But they could diminish Iuz by pushing him back to Flaness. By fighting him thru their peoples by re-taking back the nations lost to Iuz.

It would take more than warriors to fight. It would take clerics to lay to rest Iuz’s undead minions. It would take Druids to bring back to life the land that was poisoned by Iuz. It would take many different hands in a million different quests to fight Iuz & counter his effect.

The fight to regain Oerth is on-going…and this is where your party comes in.

Every nation has transformed itself into centres of resistance. They recruit people to carry the fight against the armies of Iuz. It is a war of attrition. The fight is very even.

You are able to enlist in the resistance. The enlistment centres assess, equip & send enlistees to the frontiers to battle Iuz.

Given your {insert your background story here} history, you approach the people at the Enlistment centre

Welcome to Dockside

So after a gruff dwarf made the party members face a cloned doppelganger of ourselves at our various enlistment centres, we walked through a portal to claim our just rewards. (Who cares about other people when you have such juicy loot?!)

Afterwards, we were transported to the civilized area of Dockside, one of the many front lines in the battle of the Allied Forces against Iuz. We now have our overarching aim: clear out the entire town of Iuz’s forces, district by district – starting with the slums.

Who’s we? A rather motley crew at this point: an anal-retentive human Paladin who’s a veteran of the wars against Iuz and a follower of the rather tragic demigod Aorun [SHAUN: is that right?]. A rather perceptive dwarven Cleric when not otherwise inebriated in devotion to his god, though he’s still a bleeding heart. An elven Druid I haven’t made up my mind on about yet. A half-orc Fighter who despite his obvious deficiencies, does not seem to afflicted by the same inflexible moral disease as the rest – he may be….useful. And of course, the only sane person in this asylum; yours truly – a human Rogue of many talents. The gods must truly be out to torment me; perhaps staying on Draconis Island might have been less insufferable.

Sasha, the first person we met upon reaching Dockside, is an interesting character. The rest (excepting the dwarf, who is obviously smitten) believe her a few nails short of a toolbox, but she definitely knows much more than she is letting on. Uttering a few choice words about her superior Selene (both at the brothel and outside it apparently), she packed us off to clear out a hovel – if you could call it that – infested by rabid halflings.

After a few attempts at subterfuge and scouting, the Druid, without consulting anyone else in the party, promptly shapeshifted into a rat and was almost stomped to death by one of the halflings. Rather infuriating, though she redeemed herself later by killing six of the wretches in a single well-placed spell. We managed to subdue the rest after their apparent leader threw down his arms to surrender. The Paladin proceeded to cast a spell that compelled the leader halfling to tell the truth for a minute, though it was of little use on the slimy bugger. We only learned there was a whore inside, who promptly stepped out when a blade was pressed to her client’s throat. Predictably, the Cleric and Paladin were advocating actually letting them go, the Druid was of two minds, while I was mildly surprised to find the half-orc agreeing with me that they needed to be dispatched quickly.

Prep for the Dungeon Crawl
24 August

Dear Diary,

We had a rather exciting day today, but by Aorun’s grace we came out on top. This is what happened:

After making preparations for what we knew would be a tough dungeon crawl, we entered the next room. Large and with a single exit on the far end, it was littered with the mutilated bodies of more than 50 goblins and 5 paladins. Upon closer examination, we discovered that one of the Paladin’s was from my order and was still breathing. While debating what to do to treat his wounds (as he was clearly badly injured (I could tell because he was missing a leg), but we were short on healing spells due to our Dwarven Cleric’s absence), we were pleasantly surprised when the Paladin opened his eyes and upon confirming my identity as a Paladin of his order, gave us a ring that opened a portal. This brought us reinforcements in the form of a 7th level cleric, who promptly healed the Paladin. The newly revitalised Paladin explained to us that there was a very powerful necromancer in the centre of the keep who was constructing an undead monstrosity by combining body parts together (hence the mutilated bodies). The Paladin explained to us that we should burn or destroy the bodies of any foes we encountered, and then was escorted through the portal by the cleric, who promptly came back to our side. The cleric explained that she was contracted to help us out for a day.

We then wasted inordinate amounts of time trying to open a dumb door. The door was made of wood (but was backed with steel as we discovered as we resorted to the ol’ hack our way through strategy), and had 5 finger sized slots on it. We shoved various things through it (while failing numerous spot checks), including twigs, fingers from the dead goblins and paladins etc, as no one wanted to try this with their own fingers once we removed a fingerless goblin hand from the slot. After much mucking a round, the Cleric grew so impatient she pointed out the solution to us and we proceeded through.

After sneaking through the corridor, we entered the next room where we saw an old lady, who was talking to a young lady, who was tied to a tree from which those of us who were divinely attuned could feel a malevolent presence. The whole bunch of them were insane if you ask me, with the old lady warning us that a giant goblin was coming to kill us and we should save them and run while the young lady alternately exhorted us to not untie her but to instead kill her before she did any harm and not to kill her because she didn’t want to die. Further examination of the room revealed a chest that contained an ordinary adventurers diary. The last entry explained how an adventurer had come to destroy a malevolent treant (ominously, there were no other entries despite the fact that this entry was dated several weeks prior.) Our useless druid failed to tell us anything about the treant, and frankly dear diary between you and me, I am beginning to suspect he might not be a real druid or even a supporter of the war against Iulz! (but more on that later). After attempting to wheedle the truth out of them using that most popular spell, zone of truth, we determined that the old lady was lying. Or rather, we threatened to tie her up and she attacked us. Either way she was a fairly powerful magician of some sort but we soon dispatched her by hitting her repeatedly. We had earlier tried to remove the young lady from the malevolent tree, but attempted to keep her restrained as she was out of her mind. As a result of our failed efforts, she had one hand free, but we slowly removed her from the tree while keeping her limbs bound together (a very complicated process). We destroyed the tree, and the young lady’s possession was ended – the tree was possessed by a daemonic entity that served Iulz but by destroying it’s link to this earth (while taking care not to touch it for fear of being possessed ourselves), we freed it’s victim. We proceeded to collect lots of loot and burnt the body of the old lady. Mimi (the young lady) has lockpicking talents that far exceed those of our pathetic thief, and she agreed to join us on our quest.

Which reminds me dear diary, two most bizzare things happened during the fight. Firstly, our barbarian spontaneously turned into shrew during the fight. Although he courageously continued to fight and succeeded in nipping the old lady once, it is of some concern that our fellow meatshield occasionally turns into small creatures while fighting, even if he does eventually return to human (or in his case half-orcish) shape.
Secondly, our lovely druid was exhorted by the evil old lady to join Iulz and explained to him that this was his last chance. His hesitation in combat following her speech said it all, and although he eventually helped us win the fight, one must worry greatly if he has indeed been consorting with the minions of Iulz. I will report this to the council – the bracelets will provide sufficient proof to back me up.

We snuck to the next room where there were a bunch of half-orcs chained around the walls, with one in the middle (female and smoking hot by the way!!! I think our own half-orc has a thing for her – he was being gentlemanly which is a sight to see [and one that I have not seen before!!!]) being tortured by a hooded man with a bandolier of potions strapped to his chest. The half-orc rushed towards him in an attempt to save his kin but he dropped a potion on the floor and vanished in a pile of smoke. While the half-orcs were slowly freed, the rest of us wasted time running around the room trying to hit the invisible man, who occasionally appeared, chucked a couple of potions at us and disappeared again. We eventually managed to take him down, minesweeper style after blockading the entrances. We received more loot, more confirmation that our barbarian occasionally becomes a small furry animal while fighting, and most importantly, a diary confirming the presence of the necromancer and identifying the hooded man (now deceased) as a minion of Iulz and the half-orc lady and her party as important rebels against Iulz. I don’t really trust her though – she was evasive and had quiet words with our own half-orc. Still, I suppose it will be fine as long as she continues to fight against Iulz – she told us that the necromancer had a valuable artifact that she wanted retrieve, but I told her we were unable to guarantee any such thing as we would have to turn it into the council.

Anyway diary, that is how my day went. It is probably much more exciting than being a book. See you tomorrow!

P.S. Why can’t we have a half-roc on our team instead of a half-orc. I think that would be substantially more useful. Not that I have anything against orcs, but having a half bird thing on our team that could fly would be even more useful. Not that they even exist – and how they would doesn’t bear thinking about. Arrgh my scarred mind. Damn you diary, damn you.


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