Logistics Details and Tips for Creating Your Character Background

Logistics and Starting Equipment

(1) Draw up any character you like. You do not have to have the standard team if you don’t want to…. But just remember… every (group or individual) decision has a consequence…

(2) Start with a level 5 character.

(3) No magical items – plenty of non-magical items (up to a max of 200gp)

(4) You can do individual role-play (I.e. approach the enlistment centre on your own & ask your questions [send me your questions]. You may choose to share information with the group – or not share or share mis-information)

(5) Ultimately, irrespective of whether you go to the enlistment centre as a group, a pair or 3some, you’d come together as a unit.

(6) What information/magic items/boons you receive at the centres depend on how well you role play & wheedle & bargain & outsmart the DM… If u work as a group watever u get u will share… Individually, what you get u keep.

(7) You be sent to Phlan after your interaction at the enlistment centre … adventure awaits…

Tips for Creating a Character Background (or, how much detail is required?)

U can dig up the Greyhawk map [campaign setting] if u want to but it’s not really necessary. U could have your characters originate from the different nations within the Greyhawk world.

At the end, each nation is geared towards the war efforts against Iuz. Each nation would have multiple enlistment centres. Each enlistment centre has the capacity to despatch recruits to where they are needed (the how – will be revealed when we actually game). Hence, even if u & your friends decide to have different points of origins, everyone will ultimately be channeled to the same spot (revealed when we actually game.)

The implications for starting at different points are (1) your character backgrounds will be more varied (2) u’d have a more diverse array of different knowledge bases – this is useful, no? (3) u’d role play your scenes at the enlistment centres differently because the centres are different, manned by different people etc. if u role play well… u’d end up with different things. Well…The map of the different regions could prove useful in this situation – u’d be able to choose the different regions of Oerth & come up with a unique background stories…

The reverse is true if your characters were from the same region & grew up together etc… However, the advantage is that if u enter the enlistment centre as a group… u’d be able to assist each other in the enlistment process [Yes – there is a process for enlistment… Grin!]. And if your does well, the group payout COULD be significantly better than the individual payout.

As to the details u want to provide… This is my take – as DM I’d want to help the player advance/realise his personal agenda. It gets terribly boring if a character is pigeon-holed based on his role in the team. (eg. imagine playing a cleric in your team. Your clerical role is pretty much fixed, you fight, heal, pray, turn undead yada yada yada… But imagine if that cleric was a double-agent for Iuz & he/she spends his/her time gathering info [or planting false info] for Iuz & at the same time slowly poisons the other characters … The second option makes for a more interesting mind-fucking game. Naturally, u’d not want to let the other players know. Yes, everyone says that ‘player knowledge is not character knowledge’ – but we all know the reality… So, I advocate group role play as well as individual role play…

List of Deities (important for Cleric and Paladin classes)

Here’s a list of deities in the world of Oerth. As a Cleric or Paladin you will have to choose one of them to worship in order to cast divine spells, it’s optional for other classes. Generally, the deity you choose (if any), has the same alignment as your character – so a Neutral Good (NG for short) character would choose an NG god, for example Pelor.

Logistics Details and Tips for Creating Your Character Background

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